About Us

Indonesia is a platform to tell the story about how awesome Indonesia through photo story. Acknowledge that Indonesia is an archipelago consist about 14.572 islands and has more than 1300 ethnics. Indonesia is a beautiful country with countless beautiful beaches, forests, mountains and cultures to explore. Indonesaga helps you to create your own story about the uniqueness of Indonesia and share it to people worldwide. By contributing in Indonesaga means you also contribute to spreading good news about Indonesia.

How to

Indonesaga is a photo story platform in which you can add the caption right after you capture your precious moment about Indonesia. There are two kinds of caption you can use. First, the caption in the album, it will indicate what your album is about. Second, the caption that you use for each picture in the album, this caption is where your story begins. In Indonesaga you can also score the photo story, the best story will be displayed in the ‘home’ every single week.